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How to use the online portal

The online portal allows you to submit, share, view and respond to all queries related to an application submitted. The portal will send you notifications to your email whenever your application is updated.  You should login to your portal to view any changes. These email notifications are for the account holder only. Any other involved individuals will need to be added to your application to communicate with us. 

Guidance on how to use the ARSAC online portal - this applies to all types of applications

Employer applications

The online process for employer licence applications will be going live in February 2022. This guidance is in development. 

Guidance to submit an employer licence application to ARSAC.

Before you start you will need: 

  • information about the Medical Physics Experts (MPE's) supporting the service, including their registration details
  • details of all entitled practitioner's supporting the service
  • a completed new employer or employer amendment/renewal application form from the ARSAC website
    • workload data for sealed and unsealed source therapies for the last 12 months and predicted workload for the next 12 months
    • equipment inventory as required under IR(ME)R
    • information relating to the radiopharmaceutical service provision
  • any other supporting information:
    • IRMER governance statement
    • dosimetry references (where relevant)
    • protocols for unusual/novel procedures (where relevant)

Practitioner applications 

Guidance for practitioners to submit a practitioner licence application to ARSAC.

Before you start you will need: 

  • a completed new practitioner or practitioner amendment application form from the ARSAC website
  • details of the practitioners post
  • details of the practitioner's primary site and the number of sessions they work
  • details of all other sites where the practitioner works
  • details of the practitioner's multidisciplinary team meeting attendance
  • any other supporting information
    • training logs
    • letters of support
    • training/course attendance certificates

Research applications 

Guidance for sponsors and researchers to submit an applications for research study approval.

Before you start you will need:

  • a completed PRA form from IRAS
  • Participant Information Sheet 
  • for therapy studies - the therapy protocol
  • for HRA Radiation Assurance studies - a research exposure form
  • for amendments - your amendment tool from IRAS