Create a JIRA Account

Go to to create an account and enter your email address

You will receive an email with a link to set up your password within 1 hour. 

If you do not receive an email promptly then please check your junk mail folder and contact your IT department to ensure emails from are permitted. You can generate a new email to set up your password here

Create an Application 

Enter all your application information following the inline guidance.

Once you are happy with the application and you have included all the required attachments click Create.

You will not be able to submit your application until you have answered all of the questions. 

If you make a mistake, please just let us know by adding a comment to your application, we will update your application for you. 

Monitoring your Applications

You can view the applications that you have submitted under My Requests in the top left corner of the screen.

You can also view all of your open applications here: 

You can tailor your view to see your Open or Closed applications

Status will indicate where the application is in the process. Possible statuses include: 

  • Application Received- Application has been logged on the system and we will get to it shortly
  • Being Reviewed by Committee - Application is out with the committee for review
  • Awaiting your response - We have asked you a question and are awaiting your response
  • Awaiting Payment- Application has been processed by ARSAC but payment is outstanding.
  • Application Approved - This application is complete and has been approved.  
  • Application Rejected - This application is complete and has been rejected. 
  • Withdrawn- Application has been cancelled by you or us

You will receive an email notification when the status of your application changes. Your application may go into a stage multiple times. 

Share your application

Use the Share button to add colleagues to the application. They will then also receive notifications about the research study. 

Please do not forward your notifications to others as they may not be able to respond. 

Ask a question or provide us with further information

We will add a comment on the ticket if further information is required. You will receive a notification by email of any requests. 

You can add a comment on the request at any time to contact the Support Unit about your application. You can also attach documents such as updated PRA's, PIS or other supporting information as requested.

You can reply to the email notification you receive to respond to us. If you are the original recipient of the notification then your response will be automatically added to the application.

If you want to share notifications with colleagues, please add them to the application rather than forwarding the notification. 

You do not need to copy in the ARSAC email address or email the ARSAC Support Unit directly outside of the system.


The preferred and quickest method for payments is via Credit or Debit card. Payment can also be made via BACS. Invoice payments are only possible for NHS trusts and by prior agreement. Payments are managed by Public Health England.

Credit/Debit Card- An email invoice through secure trading will be sent to you with details of how and how much to pay.

BACS - details of how to pay and how much to pay will be added to your application on the system.

Standard application fees are as follows:

  • new multi-centre research : £350
  • new single-centre research: £300
  • new low dose research trial (<1mSv): £250
  • research amendment(>1mSv): £250
  • low dose research amendment (<1mSv): £200

We cannot complete processing of you application until payment is received. If another individual in your organisation will be managing payment then you can share the application with them so they can receive notifications.